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Features of our IDs

Our product quality standards exceed the basic requirements of being 100% scannable, equipped with UV, hologram, barcode, and capable of bending. We demand that our products not only pass verification by bar machines but also successfully deceive the most seasoned bar security personnel. The card's handle, elasticity, thickness, and flexibility must match those of a genuine card precisely. Possession of this ID card grants you access to various places such as bars, clubs, and casinos. You can purchase wine and medicine, book hotels, find jobs, rent apartments, and rent cars without any restrictions.

How to place the order

You can reach our online support team at any time of the day or night to answer your queries. Simply supply us with your photo and shipping details, and you can expect to receive your IDs in 7-12 days. We have confidence in the superior quality of our IDs and provide a 90-day warranty. In the unlikely event that you identify any defects in your IDs during this time, we will replace them once, free of charge.

How To Pay

Currently, we accept payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin.

What can you do with our fake ID?

Take a moment to imagine the thrilling experiences you could indulge in with a brand-new ID card. Spring break is fast approaching, and the options for revelry with your friends, parties, drinks, and late nights are endless. Don't let the exciting opportunities that life presents slip away. The choice is yours to take your life to new heights and create memories that will last a lifetime!
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Purchase counterfeit ID cards online to fully experience the beauty of life.

It can be an agonizing wait for state-run institutions to issue a new ID card after losing your original one. The endless anticipation can be excruciating, and getting turned away from nightclubs due to your unpreparedness and youthful appearance can be mortifying. Fortunately, those days are over. You no longer have to spend a fortune on low-quality, blurry laminated paper that you can print at home. ScannableFakeId provides scannable fake IDs of unparalleled quality at an affordable price, with just a little patience and a few days' wait. Advancements in technology have led to a surge in the counterfeit document market, enabling the creation of identity documents that are virtually indistinguishable from genuine ones. ScannableFakeId is the most reliable supplier of fake ID cards and driver's licenses that are almost identical to authentic documents. Avoid unscrupulous vendors and exorbitant costs for forged papers. Choose ScannableFakeId for all your fake ID needs.

Acquire the best fake ID card available online, regardless of your location.

FakeId employs state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced printing machines and high-quality inks, to create undetectable identity cards and licenses. Your signature will be meticulously replicated, ensuring that you will not be caught by law enforcement or other authorities. For US residents residing in states such as Virginia, Alabama, California, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Wyoming, and others, we offer camouflage IDs.

Follow these easy steps to acquire your counterfeit documents.

To purchase a fake ID, you need to provide us with your personal information, including a digital photo and valid shipping details. The document usually takes between one week to twelve days to be delivered. We accept payments through Western Union, Cash App, Steam Wallet, Amazon Gift Card, or MoneyGram. However, if you choose to pay with Bitcoin, you will receive a 10% discount. At FakeId, we value our customers and take extra precautions to ensure their satisfaction. If you encounter any defects with your fake ID within 90 days of receiving it, we will replace it at no cost to you for the first time. Order your scannable fake ID from us today without any hesitation and continue experiencing our exceptional service!


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Frequently asked questions

Are these IDs scannable?

The fake IDs can be scanned, and all the information on the card will be displayed in the correct format.

What are the payment methods?
You can pay with Western Union or Bitcoin.
Is it possible to choose a custom address for my ID?

We will select a real, yet random address for our customers’ IDs. If you prefer a specific address for your ID, please mention it in the “extra info” box.

How long does it take for my package to arrive

We offer automated tracking information once the order has been shipped. Generally, it takes about 5-10 business days to receive the order from the time of payment, excluding weekends as they are not considered business days. However, during the spring break season, there might be a delay in delivery.

The Craft of Authenticity: Unraveling Counterfeits in Retail

In the vibrant realm of retail, where every product holds a narrative and every detail whispers a clue, there exists a cadre of artisans with a unique talent: the art of counterfeit detection. Meet our protagonist, a seasoned investigator navigating the intricate world of retail, armed with a sharp eye and a passion for authenticity. Join them on a captivating journey as they unravel the subtle nuances and hidden truths within everyday merchandise, uncovering the secrets that set genuine items apart from their counterfeit counterparts.

1. **Texture Tales:**
Our journey begins with a tactile exploration. With fingers finely attuned to the nuances of texture, our detective runs their hand along the edges of merchandise, seeking out the subtle signatures that betray counterfeit origins. Smooth edges speak of precision craftsmanship, while irregularities hint at the handiwork of counterfeiters.

2. **Laminate Insights:**
Transitioning to the surface, our detective scrutinizes the laminate with a discerning gaze. Genuine products wear their laminate with grace, a seamless veneer that reflects quality and attention to detail. Counterfeit items, however, often bear imperfections such as wrinkles or air bubbles, revealing their fraudulent nature.

3. **Lettering Chronicles:**
Ah, but it is within the lettering that the true artistry emerges. With a practiced eye, our detective scrutinizes each raised and indented mark, tracing the story of its creation. Genuine products boast crisp, uniform lettering, while counterfeit replicas may exhibit inconsistencies or flaws that betray their illicit origins.

4. **Holographic Enigma:**
Turning their attention to security features, our detective delves into the realm of holograms. Genuine holograms shimmer with intricate detail, a testament to their authenticity. Counterfeit reproductions, however, often lack the depth and complexity of their genuine counterparts, serving as a clear indicator of fraud.

5. **Backside Revelations:**
As the investigation deepens, our detective explores the backside of products, where hidden clues await discovery. Misaligned lettering or blurred text may signal substandard craftsmanship, providing valuable insights into the product’s authenticity.

6. **Laser Punch Analysis:**
In moments of quiet contemplation, our detective examines the laser-punched patterns etched into the product’s surface. Genuine items feature precise, uniform patterns, while counterfeit counterparts may display irregularities or inconsistencies that betray their fraudulent nature.

7. **Photographic Inquiry:**
Finally, our detective scrutinizes the photographs adorning the product’s packaging. Authentic images are clear, vibrant, and meticulously detailed, reflecting the professionalism of their creators. Counterfeit images, however, may exhibit signs of manipulation such as pixelation or distortion, serving as a red flag for potential fraud.

In conclusion, the art of counterfeit detection is a captivating journey of discovery, guided by the keen observation and expertise of retail investigators. Through their meticulous examination of textures, laminates, lettering, holograms, and other key features, these guardians of authenticity ensure trust and integrity in the retail landscape.

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